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RITS: Re: [Railway-Signaling] Axle Counters?

Subject RITS: Re: [Railway-Signaling] Axle Counters?
From <TEWargin@cs.com>
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 19:03:22 EDT
To Ritslist@storm.simpson.edu

This was posted on the Railway-Signaling board and I thought it was of 
interest to RI fans as it covers operations over the UP bridge into Omaha:

In a message dated 10/22/00 9:47:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, PRRNKP@aol.com 

<< During my tenure with the Rock Island I was assigned to the TM at Council 
 Bluffs in 12/56.  I visited the UP tower that controlled movemnts across the 
 Missouri R. into Omaha.  Since many RRs used this bridge an axle counter was 
 used to determine "wheelage" charges. 
 Before a signal could be cleared for a movement, the respective RR axle 
 counter was cleared and activated.  I believe the train director read and 
 recorded the total axle counts on his train sheet after each movement was 
 completed.  As I recall there were seperate counters for UP, RI, C&NW, CGW, 
 Wabash, MILW, IC, plus maybe CB&Q.  
 Best regards,        Ben F. Anthony >>

Tom Wargin

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