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RITS: New Rock Island decals from Oddballs Decals

Subject RITS: New Rock Island decals from Oddballs Decals
From "Tom Stolte - Oddballs Decals" <oddballsdecals@lvnworth.com>
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 23:27:05 -0600
To "Rock Island mailing list" <ritslist@storm.simpson.edu>

Set 884 Rock Island Motor Transit 32' trailer, set will letter 4 trailers

Set 885 Rock Island 40' van trailer, set will letter 2 vans

Prefix numbers for N scale 60-. HO scale 87-. S scale 64-. O scale 48-.
N & HO scale retail price $3.50. S & O scale retail price $6.75. These
should be in your favorite hobby shop within the next month or so.

If ordering direct, please include $1.75 for p&h. Up to date catalog N,
HO, S & O scale, $7.00, plus $3.85 for p&h.

Please don't ask me if I make custom decals, as I don't. Try Rail Graphics,
their link is on my web page.

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