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Re: RI aerial photographs available (2)

Subject Re: RI aerial photographs available (2)
From Jeff Aley - FDC / MD6 PE <jaley@pcocd2.intel.com>
Date Wed, 2 Sep 98 13:04:52 PDT
To TAZMAN@worldnet.att.net, jje corporation <zephyr03@swbell.net>
Cc ritslist@storm.simpson.edu
In-Reply-To jaley@fsp109.fm.intel.com (jaley) "Re: RI aerial photographs available" (Sep 2, 12:04pm)

Sorry, I hit "send" a little too soon! I'll try again:

On Sep 2, 12:04pm, jaley wrote:
> Subject: Re: RI aerial photographs available
> On Sep 1,  9:27pm, jje corporation wrote:
> > Subject: Re: RI aerial photographs available
> > I don't know whether you can find the info on the net (it'd have to be
> > some .gov) but the US Coast & Geodetic Survey is the agency that
> > aerial photos, and most parts of the US had been covered by ca. 1955 -
> > it's the repeats and updates that are spotty (and for some of us, LESS
> > interesting).  But my point is that USCGS has everything archived.  It
> > might have to be mail-order & pay for the photoprints, but the truth
> > out there!
> >
> > Marshall Thayer
> > Former Surveyor's Helper and Draftsman
> >-- End of excerpt from jje corporation
> Marshall,
> 	There is a little bit of info on the 'net, but I have not been
> able to find a searchable index of images that goes back farther than
> 1990.  It appears that for older photos, one has to do research the
> old-fashioned way: by telephone!
> 	Info can be had from


Click on Products/Services, and scroll down to Aerial Photos.  Phone
numbers, etc. can be had from there.

One might also try contacting the EROS data center in South Dakota.  This
is where all of the USGS images are held.  I can't tell if the on-line
search searches their entire holdings, or only those that are digitized.
Allegedly, there is info at
http://mapping.usgs.gov/www/products/status.html but I can't get the link
to work right now.



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