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RITS: RE: RI cars to LaSalle & Bureau County?

Subject RITS: RE: RI cars to LaSalle & Bureau County?
From "Wargin, Tom " <Thomas_Wargin@csx.com>
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:53:27 -0500
To "'Paul Hunnell'" <phunnell@yahoo.com>, ritslist ritslist <ritslist@storm.simpson.edu>
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I had been wondering if the Kadee PS-1 might represent a former boxcar as it
is painted as if it were "just re-stenciled."  Perhaps it is a joke on the
PC scandal?

Whatever did happen to the LS&BC?  While I was an employee of the 
		Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, Debtor 
				William M. Gibbons, Trustee 
after shutdown during liquidation I was also working for the LS&BC at
Chicago Port, trying to put info on the former RI trackage and wheelage
agreements into their computer.  I don't find any mention of them in the
Official Guide as far back as 1989.  Did the port wind up with someone else
or was it just torn up?

Two interesting things about the LS&BC: they had a lot of former RI
employees, at least at the port, and their parent company published
children's magazines so the railroad offices in downtown Chicago were
stocked with "Cricket" magazine, not "Railway Age". 

Tom Wargin
 (410) 613-6204

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Subject:	RITS: RE: RI cars to LaSalle & Bureau County? 

The only RI equipment that went to the LS&BC that I know of are the 2
GP35's #2 (ex-322) and #3 (ex-333), both actually just leased from
Greyhound Leasing.  Also, at least 2 covered coil gons (3843 & 3852,
there were probably more) that were just re-stenciled, and the
outhouse transfer caboose #111 (ex-19111).  This was all after
shutdown, operated in Chicago and had nothing to do with the original
LaSalle, Ill./Penn Central boxcar stealing operation.

...Paul Hunnell
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Subject: RITS: RI cars to LaSalle & Bureau County?
Author:  "Wargin, Tom " <Thomas_Wargin@csx.com> at FDCNOTESPO
Date:    1/22/99 9:04 PM

Did the LaSalle & Bureau County get any cars from the Rock Island?
I know that just before the Rock came out of reorganization the LS&BC
was operating in the Chicago port area.  What other ex-Rock Island
trackage did they operate?

Tom Wargin
(410) 613-6204
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