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RITS: Midland Railroad Rock Island E8 #652

Subject RITS: Midland Railroad Rock Island E8 #652
From John Ross <john.ross@informix.com>
Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 07:38:02 -0500
To ritslist@storm.simpson.edu
Organization Informix Software, Inc.

Took a trip to Baldwin City, KS to ride on the Midland Railroad and to
photograph Rock Island E8 #652.  I was allowed to ride in the cab of a
KATY RS3M on the trip back.  While talking to the fireman I mentioned
#652.  He told me that they occasionally ran it (it was idling when I
took picutures) and that they are expecting to pair it with Rock Island
(E3A ?) #630 here in the near future.  Does anyone know any more about
I am now thinking that vollunteering for Midland and possibly riding in
either or both
of the E's looks mighty interesting.


John W. Ross
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