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From "steve hile" <shile@mindspring.com>
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 23:40:50 -0600
To <ironhors@swbell.net>, "RITSLIST" <RITSLIST@storm.simpson.edu>

Again, nothing is simple.  I wish I were more comfortable with heavyweight
passenger car data.  Here is what I can piece together.  For what its worth!

Rock _______ Pullmans Built 1929.  8 Sections 1 Drawing Room 2 Compartments.
Plan 3979.  Were not assigned to Rock Island when Pullman Co. was broken up,
so may not be particularly appropriate for later years.  However, the 10-51
Official Guide does show an 8-1-2 on trains 15 and 18 and on 111 and 112.
Mainline Modeler 8-86

Island _______ Pullmans Built 1929 (?) 10 Sections 1 Drawing Room 1
Compartment.  Plan 3973.  Again, not assigned to RI in 1948.  However, 10-51
Official Guide shows 10-1-1's on  16 and 17.  Mainline Modeler 2-85

Clover _______ Pullmans Rebuilt in 1936 to 8 Sections 5 Bedrooms, Plan 4036G
from 12-1-1 cars built in 1913.  Clover Garland, Clover Grange, Clover
Greens and Clover Vista (4036B) were assigned to RI.  Mainline Modeler had
plans in April of 1986 of 4036A.  10-51 used on 5, 14, 15 and 18 shuttling
between the Twin Cities and KC and DM and Chicago.

Rocket Tower Pullman rebuilt in 1941 to 8 Sections 3 Bedrooms 1 Drawing
Room, Plan 4090C.  Assigned to Rock Island in 1948.  Plan 4090G was in
Mainline Modeler 9-89.  Used on Zephyr Rocket .

Cedar Rapids Pullman 10 Sections 3 Bedrooms, Plan 3411C.  Scale Model Plans
Unknown.  Used on Zephyr Rocket.

Hope this helps.

Steve Hile
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From: <ironhors@swbell.net>
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> I have realized that my request last week for info on heavyweight
> pullmans can distill down to just asking if anyone has a copy of a
> diagram sheet for each; they were the Rock- series, Island-series,
> Clover-series, especially whichever one is the 10-3-1 car, as there is
> apparently an S scale offering very close to it. Thanks Much.,  DJE-KCMO